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Partners depends on the donations of those interested in our work and committed to justice and full free lives for the children of Myanmar/Burma. Because of that we value feedback from supporters that helps us to to do what we do in the best possible way. You can help us by giving feedback.

General enquiries: info@au.partners.ngo
Website feedback: webmaster@au.partners.ngo
Gift Catalogue enquiries: sales@au.partners.ngo
Volunteers: joy.dyer@partners.ngo
Advocacy: joy.dyer@partners.ngo

You can also write to us at our office:

PO Box 102
Woy Woy NSW 2256

Privacy Statement

You can read Partners Relief & Development Australia's complete privacy statement here.

General Feedback

If you have any comment or question on any of our mail outs, video clips and other media material, events or campaigns or wish to make a comment or enquiry about how Partners Australia operates please write to feedback@au.partners.ngo or ring

+61 3 9013 7676.


Lets be honest, no one likes complaints much, but the reality is we can learn more from criticism than affirmation. Complaints can also help us learn to act justly. Our commitment is to transparency, accountability and best practice so this means that any stakeholder can have the opportunity to have a grievance properly heard and answered, and redress made where appropriate. One thing Partners tries to live up to is “We are a tribe”, so that means relationships are important to us - and so receiving complaints and genuinely listening to and responding to them gives us a chance to live up to that.

Partners Australia has a policy and procedure for handling complaints. You can download our complaints policy here. Should you wish to lodge a complaint or give any feedback, please write to feedback@au.partners.ngo or ring +61 3 9013 7676.