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Privacy Statement

The purpose of this statement is to let you know about the information collection procedures of Partners Relief and Development Australia Inc. It lists what information is collected, how it is used, who it is used by, to whom it is disclosed and how to have incorrect information amended or deleted. All personal information is kept strictly confidential. This statement has been prepared in accordance with the Australian Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000.

Our Commitment To Protecting Your Privacy Rights

Partners Relief and Development Australia Inc. (Partners Australia) is strongly committed to protecting your privacy rights. Any information that is provided to our organisation is only used for the purposes for which you provided it. We do not release our contact lists containing personal information.

Our Commitment To Data Security

Partners Australia will take all reasonable steps to ensure that information we collect, use or disclose is accurate, complete, up-to-date and stored in a secure environment. We cannot however, guarantee the security of any data you transmit to us over the internet. These activities are conducted at your own risk. Because of this risk we provide a range of options for information collection and contacting us - for example email, internet, mailing address and a telephone/fax.

What Information Do We Collect?

Primarily we collect information about our members, donors or potential donors, (both private and corporate) and about other organisations working in the similar fields to ourselves. The information we hold includes, contact information (name, address, e-mail) professional details of people who have affiliation with Partners Australia, credit card numbers / bank details statistical internet site information (anonymous).

Personal information is only collected on the request of an individual. All information identified as personal is treated as confidential.

How We Use The Information?

  • Process accounts and provide receipts; process training/conference details; recruit and process outreach teams.
  • Disseminate information to other Partners Australia locations and relevant projects with whom we are associated.
  • Maintain accurate details of organisational history ; keep members, donors and associated bodies informed of our work; and keep accurate member records / details for directory listing.

Your Rights

All persons or organisations for whom we have details recorded have the right to ask for a copy of these details at any time. Persons also have the right to update and/or alter their details at any time. Personal information collected will not be disclosed, nor details altered until your identity has been confirmed. Partners Australia will make every reasonable effort to ensure that children’s privacy and other rights are respected and not compromised. It is however, ultimately the responsibility of parents to monitor their children’s internet usage. Should you have any issues in relation to Partners Relief and Development Australia Inc. and your privacy, you can raise this with our Privacy Officer who will address your concerns promptly and advise you of your rights.

Partners Australia Website

This privacy statement applies to the site known as www.partners.ngo/au.

Website User Information Collected

Website hosted by Dreamhost (www.dreamhost.com) makes a record of your visit and logs the following information:

  • The pages accessed.
  • The type of browser used.
  • Operating system.

Cookies are used on the Partners Australia website (a cookie is a piece of data stored on the user’s computer tied to information about the user). If a visitor makes a donation, or subscribes to the newsletter then they will also likely receive a cookie from those third party providers.

Links To Other Internet Sites

Our website does contain links to other sites. Other sites may also have links to our site. Please note that Partners Relief and Development Australia Inc. cannot take responsibility for the content, privacy practices or business practices at these external sites.

Maintaining Your Information/Questions About Privacy

To access or change your details or for further information about the privacy statement: Email: info@au.partners.ngo,
Attention: Privacy Officer
Phone: (03) 9013 7676
Mail: Privacy Officer PO Box 102, Woy Woy NSW 2256

You can also obtain further information from the Privacy Commissioner’s website www.privacy.gov.au or through direct contact.


To register an issue in relation to the way that Partners Australia has dealt with your privacy please contact our Privacy Officer, or the Privacy Commissioner (in your State).