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The Impact

Many people around the world have invested in a vision to see children caught in conflict and oppression experience free, full lives and together we’ve been working hard to make this a reality. Each number here represents a real life touched by the passion and generosity of our hero supporters to improve children’s lives.

Sustainable Development

Partners helps communities to grow their capacity to help themselves. Highlights this past year include building businesses that fund schooling, improving rice production and teaching organic farming methods to feed families, and training and equipping clinics and health workers to radically improve community well-being.

53 Health workers and medics trained to provide care

Rural communities across Shan State, Myanmar are benefitting from the increasing standard of healthcare provided by the Community Health Workers, Basic Medics and Advanced Medics trained through this project.

28 Successfully running sustainable school projects

These income generating businesses, such as goat and corn farming, are now either supporting teachers and schools in areas where access to education is limited or reinvesting the profit into the business to boost long term profit.

247 Participants trained in sustainable agriculture techniques

Having been equipped in modern agricultural and animal husbandry techniques at our training centers, these farmers are now experiencing increased yields, which benefits their families through additional income and nourishing produce.

Lung Sai doubled his harvest.

Our team had the privilege to meet and train Lung Sai in 2014 in "System of Rice Intensification", an organic rice growing technique. One year later, our team met him at his farm in Shan State and were excited to see the results of this new farming methods. As he jumped around pointing and gesturing with a huge smile he said, “This year I’m harvesting 10 cups of rice per square meter and the rest of the valley got only 4.” His harvest more than doubled the first year he applied the SRI technique! This means a father can provide for his family despite the challenges he faces and the poverty he endures.

Strengthening Families

We are working in partnership with local communities to strengthen families and provide safe nurturing environments for children to grow, while keeping them in school and increasing community awareness to reduce the number of children sold, kidnapped, or otherwise trafficked into prostitution and slavery each year.

120 Children given access to early childhood education

Through the support of 4 nursery schools in areas affected by decades of conflict, Partners is enabling young children to receive early childhood education. This enables them to become literate at an early age, laying a solid foundation for their future.

594 Refugee children being cared for while they attend school

For these children who have suffered from the effects of war and poverty, the community-based care provided has meant that they have the opportunity to attend school whilst being well cared for in a safe and nurturing environment.

218 Shan migrants assisted through SEED training center

For these migrant workers and children of migrant workers, the opportunity to receive assistance and educational and vocational training through SEED has meant increased avenues to secure safer work and reduced the risk of exploitation.

No longer just an aspiring designer.

After losing her parents and being abandoned by her aunt following the development of a medical condition, Naw Mimi was all on her own at age 16. While our team was able to help her through a course of treatment at the clinic where she was left, they discovered that she aspired to learn sewing and design. Without hesitation, space was made for her in a migrant sewing class run by Partners. Naw Mimi graduated the course wearing her new designs and got a short contract job, earning her first paycheck. This simple training has opened the way for future work opportunities and reduces Naw Mimi’s risk of experiencing exploitation.

Emergency Relief

Despite positive improvements to the peace and democracy in some areas, thousands remain in crisis across Myanmar. Basic medical needs and food supply are still daily struggles for many, while education opportunities for children remain limited. In these times of crisis, where children and families are left most vulnerable, Partners has committed to go and help wherever we have been able.

288 Tonnes of rice provided to displaced Rohingya

This rice was a critical provision to many families who at times had no other source of food available to them. Accompanying this was the distribution of 5,263 kilograms of food and cooking spices to help improve nutrition within the camps for the displaced.

15 Pumps installed to provide access to clean water

In addition to these water pumps, our relief team was able to co-ordinate the building of 12 wells and 36 toilets in western Myanmar to increase the level of hygiene in crowded camps where over 100,000 displaced Rohingya are currently residing.

57 Villages provided medicine during cholera outbreak

In partnership with other local organizations, Partners provided immediate assistance to affected and at-risk villages during a cholera outbreak in eastern Myanmar. Over 20,000 people were helped and the outbreak was bought under control within two months.

Hafsa's family now has hope.

Hafsa and her five children were some of the estimated 120,000 Rohingya who fell into the hands of human traffickers while fleeing severe persecution in western Myanmar last year. She escaped, only to find herself back in the miserable conditions she attempted to flee. In the midst of her desperation, with no income and severely limited access to food and medical care for her sick children, Partners has been there to help. Providing them with a home and some land, as well as food and medical treatment, Hafsa and her five children now have a glimmer of hope for the future where once there was none.

192,443 people directly helped last year.

2015 was an incredible year. See how our amazing global support community has given, prayed and fundraised to help fund our frontline work with children and communities impacted by conflict and oppression. On behalf of all the team at Partners, thank you for making it our biggest year yet!

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