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Close The Gap

Start 2018 powerfully by helping bridge the divide between nothing and something for children affected by war.

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Invest in something sustainable.

This year our support community has closed the gap between something and nothing for the Rohingya, so much so, that some of our other life-saving projects are now limping along, a bit underfunded. Now we are asking you to not let 2018 begin without taking another step with us and investing in work that is equally essential as emergency relief, but actually sustainable.


Provide medicine to treat a sick child in a village clinic, as well as supporting local health workers to administer treatment and provide health education.

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Provide seeds to a farmer and train him how to save seeds for next year, providing more income to put food on his family’s table next year.

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Show a farmer how to grow crops using a special rice growing technique and his harvest will put more food on his family’s table.

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Give a child a head start by enabling them to attend a local preschool for a year, where they will also get a daily, healthy meal so they are ready to learn.

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Empower a refugee to find solutions to long-term problems in her community by giving her five days training in community development.

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Equip Rohingya Health Care Workers with tablets and curriculum so they can be trained remotely by our team to assess and treat Rohingya refugees in their own language.

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*These figures are representative of the effect of your donation. In the event that a project is fully funded, your donation will be directed to another equally worthwhile project.