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6th Annual Ride For Relief Calgary

We’d like to invite you to Partners’ 6th annual Ride for Relief & Development.

This will be sixth annual Calgary Bike-A-Thon ride for Partners Relief and Development and we hope it can be the biggest and most successful one yet. Come ride with us on the pathways in this beautiful park and bring friends and family join in the fun. You and your sponsors can help Partners assist repressed people with survival supplies, spiritual and medical care, education and development, and contribute to the vision of “Free, full lives for children affected by conflict and oppression.”

Come ride with us in the park!

By joining us for the ride and finding people to sponsor you, you will be directly aiding the work that Partners Relief & Development does for the displaced people of Burma. Previous years have been a great success and fun for all participants and we trust that this year will be no different! For more information and to register, please click the register now button below.

Register Now

This year we are hoping for even bigger results from the Ride. We want to generate more awareness and help even more people, but this means we need more help from people like you. The following is a list of ways you can help make this the best Ride yet:

  • Participate as a bike rider in this year’s event. Contact Roland Plett and tell him that you want to ride this year. Roland can be reached at or 403-461-5578.
  • Donate to another rider if you are unable to ride this year.
  • Volunteer in a non-riding capacity. If you want to be actively involved, but are not able to do the biking, why not bring snacks or help with administrative or logistical duties at the park on the day of the ride? Call Roland to see what is needed.
  • Set yourself a fundraising goal and then start calling all your friends, family, and coworkers.
  • Invite a friend to ride with you. To help us grow the Ride and help more people, consider inviting one family or individual you know to participate in the ride with you this year.
  • Do it as a family. While we do have many individuals riders, this bike-a-thon is meant to be a very family friendly event. Talk with your children about why you are doing the ride. Support your kids’ fundraising efforts and build into their life skills by taking them door to door looking for sponsors in your neighbourhood. Maybe turn fundraising goals into fun family challenges (maybe a chore free day for the first kid to get five sponsors), and then of course ride as a family too. For ideas like this contact Aaron Greig at or 403-477-6903