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Seasons of Giving

A gift giving guide for the holiday season and beyond.

How it works.


Browse the range of gifts below to decide which ones you'd like to give. Each one comes with a digital card that explains the love and care that gift provides.


Click 'Add to Cart' for each item that you wish to purchase. When you're ready, click the 'Checkout' button to complete your payment securely.


After completing payment you'll be sent a link to download each card, which you can then give to the person you purchased the gift on behalf of.

Healthy Kids: $10

In eastern Myanmar, kids are much more likely to survive until their 12th birthday when they have access to a local clinic. This gift will deliver medicine to treat a sick child at a village clinic as well as train local health workers to administer treatment and provide basic health education to the local community.

We say it over and over: Good News is food and drink and words and actions. And young adults who see it in action and want to learn more can enroll in one of four Bible schools in refugee camps along the Thai-Myanmar border. Sponsor a student for a month and free them up to learn about Jesus without worrying how they're going to pay for meals and books.

Good News: $20
Christmas Feast: $40

Many of us will eat too much this holiday season. No Rohingya or Syrian refugee has to worry about that. But this table is huge; show that there is a place set at it just for them with a plate piled high, because Jesus is born and we don't want anyone to be excluded from the feast. This gift will provide a parcel of food to a displaced family for one month.

It might be winter where you live, but farmers in Karen State, Myanmar can plant year-round with seeds you provide that are well suited to the local environment. Not only that, this gift will train them in harvesting and using their own seeds for next year. Because when parents don't have to purchase next year's seeds, they have more money available to help feed their families.

Seeds For Sustainability: $50
Love Your Neighbor: $100

Jesus said it's the second-best commandment, love your neighbor as yourself. This gift will train community support volunteers in a refugee camp in Kachin State, Myanmar to do just that: organize meals for the young children who just lost their parents; pray for those in despair and check on the sick every day to see how they can help.

Because everyone needs someone behind them when they launch something, give seed funds for displaced communities in the Middle East to start sustainable development projects. When communities successfully move from receiving relief to rebuilding, we're happily on our way out of a job.

Start (back) Up: $100
A Head Start: $150

All young children need: healthy and daily meals, lots of hugs, time to play and time to rest, and to know they are beloved children of God. Young children in Karen State, Myanmar who would otherwise not be able to start school, will get all of that and more when you help them attend a local preschool for the year.

Because families living where war has ravaged the education system don’t always have money to pay for their children’s education, we need to get creative in order to get students in the classroom. This gift will support children living in community-based homes with sustainable agriculture and animal husbandry projects, so they can have food in their bellies, a safe place to live and the hopeful future that comes from getting a full education.

Sustainable Education: $200