The Story

Children caught in
conflict deserve a
free, full life.

Every day we are working with communities affected by conflict, like the Rohingya, to meet children’s basic needs, prevent them being trafficked or exploited, and care for them in crisis situations. Please join us.

Despite talk of peace, conflict and human rights abuses affecting children still abound in Myanmar (Burma).

Decades of war have displaced over half a million people and have meant access to basics like education and healthcare are out of reach for many children. With the help of people like you, we’re working to change that.

From training medics to helping build schools, it’s about sowing seeds for future generations.

We join hands with locals to seek community-based solutions that strengthen families, meet their needs in times of acute crisis and create nurturing environments that allow children to reach their full potential.

Do you want to make a change in the future of children?

See the three ways you can take action right now that enables children caught in conflict to experience freedom and fullness.

We need your help to end the oppression of children in conflict.

Twenty years ago, an ordinary couple felt compelled to help one child orphaned by war. Since then, thousands of children in Myanmar (Burma) have experienced renewed hope and even life saving interventions because of this kind of compassion. But thousands more wait. Help us ensure they too can experience free, full lives.