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Your monthly donation will invest in projects that allow some of the world's 250 million children in countries affected by conflict to live free, full lives.

How it works.

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Join others and signup to give automatically each month. Your regular support will fuel sustainably-focused projects working to meet children's basic needs, prevent them being trafficked or exploited, and care for them in crisis situations.

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Your donation invests in three big ideas that change children’s lives.

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Sustainable Development

Sustainable development for community wellbeing and a nurturing environment for children.

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Strengthening Families

Strengthening families and restoring communities to stop the trafficking, oppression, and exploitation of children.

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Emergency Relief

Emergency provision of food, shelter materials, and basic survival necessities during times of acute crisis.

Learn more about our work

Hafsa's and her children are just some of the 419,119 people helped last year.

Hafsa and her five children were some of the estimated 120,000 Rohingya who fell into the hands of human traffickers while fleeing severe persecution in western Myanmar last year. She escaped, only to find herself back in the miserable conditions she attempted to flee. Since then, Partners has been there to help. Providing them with a home and some land, as well as food and medical treatment, Hafsa and her five children now have a glimmer of hope for the future where once there was none.

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What can your donation do?

Provides a goat to generate income that supplements a local schools running costs.

£25 /month

Provides an annual salary for a community teacher working in Karen State, Myanmar.

£40 /month

Provide a migrant with education and personal development skills through SEED learning center.

£100 /month

Provide food for one family displaced by conflict or natural disaster for a month.

£115 /month

Fully fund a health center, including medicine, medic salaries and training for a month.

£150 /month

Train a farmer in organic rice growing techniques that are proven to double crop yield.

£190 /month

*These figures are representative of the effect of your donation. In the event that a project is fully funded, your donation will be directed to another equally worthwhile project.

Join others and help fuel our vision to see children affected by conflict and oppression expereince free, full lives.

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