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0People Assisted

When a fire in a chemical storage facility triggered a catastrophic explosion, there was no question about doing all you could with the resources available to help clean, repair, and rebuild devastated communities in Beirut.


...people provided with hot meals in the explosion aftermath.

Providing meals in partnership with Karmagawa in Beirut, Lebanon

Meals packed and ready for delivery in Beirut, Lebanon


...people helped with removing rubble and 100 assisted with home repairs.

Our local partners helping clear rubble in Beirut, Lebanon

“These people who help me, they’re angels. I’m so grateful for all God’s blessings and the help I’ve received.”~ David, Beirut

One of the homes under repair in Beirut, Lebanon


...people received parcels with enough food for 2 weeks.

Boxes of food ready for delivery in Beirut, Lebanon

Delivering food parcels to families affected by the blast in Beirut, Lebanon

Rebuilding Shattered Lives.

Because to love is to repair that which is broken, our team responded rapidly in the aftermath of the Beirut explosion to help families whose homes were badly damaged.

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