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From constructing a repurposed building into a quarantine centre for the disabled, through running a mobile hospital that treated thousands, your support helped keep Syrians displaced by war healthy. But you didn’t stop there, providing food, heating and supplies to families facing ongoing conflict.


...people were provided with food packs as food prices skyrocketed.

Displaced children receiving food parcels near Manbij, Syria

“We migrated and came to Manbij areas, no food baskets, no aid, and nothing. Thank God, now this organization came, so they saw our situation and provided food baskets.”~ A mother from Idlib, Syria

Families gather at a food distribution in Northeast Syria


...people were provided with access to health care.

Temperature screening at the hospitainer in Idlib, Syria

“Thank you for your work and for helping us medically due to the difficult and poor conditions we are in.”~ Mustafa, 13

Doctors restocking the hospitainer in Idlib, Syria


...students are back in a newly renovated school that had been damaged in the war.

Children celebrating the school's official opening near Raqqa, Syria

“Now it’s good, we thank Partners for renovating it new. I like the color, the doors and the drawings.”~ School Student

The recently completed school building near Raqqa, Syria

To Love Is To Knit.

Thanks to our global team of knitters - some of the most generous people we know - kids in Syria received the coziest hats to keep them warm, which is priceless for kids who have to sleep outside.

Where Else We Worked

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