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Help vulnerable families already forced to run stay ahead of COVID-19.

Your support helps our local partners who are racing to stop the spread of the virus amongst our refugee and displaced friends.

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How we are responding.

Being displaced by war is a nightmare. Facing a global pandemic while you’re on the run is a disaster. That’s why we are educating vulnerable communities we work with on how to prevent COVID-19 from spreading. We’ll back that up by providing the resources needed to protect them: soap, face masks, cleaning equipment and medical supplies. And we’ll continue to provide the food they need to keep families nourished.

Help save lives right now.

Provide someone in a high-risk community with soap, hand sanitizer and a face mask. Give Now
Ensure a family already facing hardship has enough food to keep them fed for a month. Give Now
Equip frontline health workers with supplies for community education and treatment. Give Now

“We are ready to fight it as much as we possibly can.”

Our community health workers in Bangladesh have already been trained in COVID-19 prevention measures such as handwashing. Now they’re teaching kids in the world’s largest refugee camps how to wash their hands properly at a deep water well you helped install well before the current crisis to make sure these kids have access to clean water.

We’re all in this together. Let’s stop the spread.

Your action today will save lives. Let’s give families in conflict zones facing this terrible disease all the resources they need to ensure they survive this pandemic.

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