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The Amar Project curriculum kit enables your children to rebuild what ISIS destroyed so children in Syria can go to school again.

The Amar Project answers the question you have asked repeatedly: “But what can we do to help?”

This kit puts into the hands of your children the ability to love their neighbors as themselves in a creative and tangible way: by rebuilding a school in Syria destroyed by ISIS so that kids there don’t have to suffer just because the adults are fighting.

This will have a lasting impact on your children and it will be a beautiful thing for your leaders to witness.

Our team will work with you to fully customize The Amar Project to fit your church or school group’s needs.

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Check out a school that's already been rebuilt!

Why is it called The Amar Project?

Professor Amar worked with Partners to locate and identify schools to rebuild in Syria. In August 2017 while scouting out a location, Professor Amar stepped on a landmine planted by ISIS and tragically died from the injuries he sustained.

We recognize the hope and joy Professor Amar had at the prospect of these schools being rebuilt and reopened, and honor the sacrifice he made by continuing his work.

Partners gave us great resources to present the cause in a kid-friendly way that inspired them to do their part. It's an honor to partner with parents in planting seeds of generosity in their kids at such a young age! 

Lori McCrum, Fairhaven Church

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We’d love to speak with you about running The Amar Project with children in your church or school and showing them that though they are small, love is mighty.