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0People Assisted

With almost half a million Rohingya still living in limbo in one of the largest, most crowded refugee camps in the world, COVID-19 became a major additional threat. So you provided life-saving relief, hygiene training, medical care, and education support to families who have lost almost everything.


...people provided with health care by Rohingya Community Health Workers.

A health worker treats a refugee near Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

“Thank you very much to those who gave me the support [for medical treatment].”~ Ohmar Aye, 38

Children being assessed for malnutrition near Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh


...Rohingya refugee students attended 6 local schools that you help support.

Rohingya students at a school near Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

“I want children who don’t have access to education to have a chance to learn.”~ School Teacher, 24

Rohingya students at a school near Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh


...sanitation solutions, including showers and water wells, installed for refugee communities.

A family collects water from a new well near Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

Fresh water for a refugee community near Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

Shelter From The Rain.

Amidst the misery of monsoon season, you showed up and provided tarps to help hundreds of families keep themselves dry from the downpours.

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