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While the global pandemic put some of our work in Iraq on hold, your support enabled an innovative new project aimed at providing jobs for the newly-unemployed and vegetables for hungry families. Despite the challenges, even more young girls were able to participate in women’s empowerment activities aimed at restoring some of the freedom and dignity they had before the war.


...people provided with food packs designed to last a month.

Families gathering for a food distribution near Sharya, Iraq

A typical food parcel provided to a family.


...women provided feminine hygiene kits and health training.

Examples of the feminine hygiene kits provided at the trainings.

“The women’s health training helped me a lot with hygiene kits because I can’t buy them. Thank you Partners for helping us.”~ Najah, 26

Farming in Kurdistan.

Lockdowns meant unemployment for many displaced families in Kurdistan who were already living hand to mouth. So our team member decided to do something creative to help solve both problems.

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