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Described as the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, the impact of Yemen’s civil war is beyond comprehension, with 8 million children going hungry every day. Although just a drop in an ocean of great need, you entered into this crisis with us to provide food to hundreds of starving families.


...school children were given backpacks and uniforms.

Students receiving their new backpacks in Yemen

A student tries on her new school uniform and shoes in Yemen


...people benefited from the construction of 100 new shelters after major flooding.

Our local partners begin construction of new shelters in Yemen

“We lived outside in the heat of the sun during the day and cold nights as well. If you did not build this tent for us, we could not do it one more day.”~ Mushtaq Ahmed Rajeeb, Yemen

A new shelter completed and ready for a family in Yemen


...blankets were delivered to 9,480 people in need of warmth.

Blankets being distributed by our local partners in Yemen

Blankets being delivered to a family in Yemen

Food For The World's Most Hungry.

With over 16 million Yemenis facing food shortages, the delivery of food packs designed to feed hungry families for a month brought renewed hope in the midst of a desperate situation.

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