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Joy To Their World

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We’re doing things a little differently this year.

At Christmas, we want to give gifts that mean something, that embody the spirit of Christmas: pure love, generosity, joy. These are those gifts. Whether you’ve already received the gift cards in the mail and are looking to purchase them, or you’re here for the first time looking for a truly unique gift, these are the gifts for those who respond to hate with love, who give when asked, who bring joy to families who need it. That’s you, and you’re a marvel.

May your Christmas be filled with joy and abundance.

Gifts to give.

Click a gift to learn more and purchase. We’ll send you a physical card for each gift if you need it.

Hygiene Kit

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of Options

A Head



Equal Opportunity.

Absence makes the mind fall behind. Girls who have to miss school because of their period miss out on months of education each year. Receiving this feminine hygiene kit ensures they don’t have to.

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This gift puts choice back in the hands of families who have lost nearly everything. Families get vouchers which they use to buy their own groceries from a trusted shop owner. This might change everything.

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A Head Start.
Healthy Lunches.
Quiet Time.

Just what kids in conflict deserve and almost never get: a place to play, to color, to learn from trained teachers who give them the best start under the worst circumstances.

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This gift trains ethnic women in Thailand and Myanmar to sew and weave so they can support their families. Learning these traditional crafts, women create and sell beautiful products that help to restore wholeness, worth, and beauty back into their lives.

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Students traumatized by ISIS learn that they are loved, smart, strong. Our trauma care specialists help them spot - and overcome - obstacles on the path to healing.

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Our team has curated a limited run of unique goodies that make the perfect gift to give (or keep) this holiday season.

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