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Children shouldn’t miss school because adults are fighting.

Through the Amar Project, we're rebuilding what ISIS tore apart and giving kids in the Middle East the chance to go to school again.

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What is the Amar Project?

Partners Relief & Development’s initiative to rebuild schools is named in honor of Professor Amar who worked with us to locate and identify schools for Partners to rebuild in Syria.

In August 2017 while scouting out a location, Professor Amar stepped on a landmine planted by ISIS and died from his injuries. Many of the schools in Syria were used as bunkers by ISIS fighters who flattened them with landmines they detonated before surrendering. After being denied education for five years, today 1,650 students fill sunlit classrooms, thankful to be learning once again.

Get your virtual hammers and tool belts ready!

If you have any doubt about what kind of impact the Amar Project is having, watch these kids streaming into one of the schools that has already been rebuilt.

Here’s how it works.

When your school, church or other group supports The Amar Project, you’re doing something that will change the lives of children in the Middle East next week, next month, next year and the years after that. We partner together with the local community to rebuild classrooms that were occupied and damaged by ISIS, giving kids the opportunity to finally get back to school.

Step One

Once funds are raised, local staff in Syria buy materials for the rebuild.

Step Two

Community volunteers begin to sweep, patch, repair and repaint classrooms.

Step Three

Once completed, teachers are recalled and an opening ceremony is held.

Step Four

School begins and students run into their newly refurbished classrooms.

“Today is the first day we will meet our friends. We’ve been cut off from school for years. Thank you for the rebuilding, for the restoration.”

- A student from a recently completed school near Raqqa, Syria

We have two ways you can get others involved too.

Using the curriculum kit we’ve developed, you can run The Amar Project with your church or school group, giving your children the opportunity to love their neighbors as themselves in a creative and tangible way.

Get Started

Alternatively, you can work with our team to develop a fully customized campaign that allows your youth group, college or special event to part of this powerful movement of love. Use the contact form to get in touch with us and share your idea.