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Partners' Practically Perfect Gifts

Purchase a gift that will deliver God’s tangible love to children and families affected by conflict and oppression this Christmas.

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Shop from the selection of life-changing gifts we’ve put together below.
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Recovery Tools
$15 Supply tools used by our expert trauma therapists to begin the process of healing little hearts.
$20 Provide a girl with a reusable feminine hygiene kit sewn by a migrant woman for a fair wage.
$30 Give kids in Myanmar the best start to life by ensuring they have access to medicine and health care.
Box of
$75 Better than a gift basket from your boss, this box contains enough food to feed a family for a month.
For Migrants
$100 Migrants trying to make ends meet will get a free eye exam and brand new glasses with this gift.
$200 For a family enduring food insecurity, this gift is truly the G.O.A.T. GREATEST (GIFT) OF ALL TIME!
Farms Of
The Future
$300 Train rural farmers in conflict areas to use innovative techniques to grow food for their families.
$400 This machine doesn’t just sew clothes; it creates dignity for women and helps put food on the table.

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Make a donation to where it’s most needed and rest assured that you’ll be meeting the most critical needs of children affected by conflict and oppression.