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Theo Goes To Myanmar

Theo Goes To Myanmar

The new children’s book from Oddny Gumaer.


From the Andaman Sea to the Irrawaddy River, join Theo on a journey through the gorgeous country of Myanmar where he learns that Dragon Fruit is a delicious flower, the Moringa tree is a miracle, and Geckos can hang upside down from glass!

As only she can, Oddny Gumaer, who founded Partners Relief & Development with her husband Steve, has written a unique alphabet book that will teach you about the country and the people she loves who live there. With watercolor illustrations by her daughter Elise, this book teaches children the alphabet in an entirely fresh way.

All proceeds go toward programs to benefit the children of Myanmar.

Theo Goes To Myanmar Book Cover $25
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A page from the book picturing Theo riding an elephant
A page from the book picturing a dragon fruit
A page from the book picturing people in Myanmar
A page from the book picturing food from Myanmar

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