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Love, Joy, Peace

2020 Christmas Catalogue

Christmas 2020 is not cancelled – but the way we do our shopping is different. Maybe for the better.

2020 might not have been the year we were hoping for, however, we’ve all become a little more aware of our communities, and the impact our choices make. What if that theme impacted your Christmas shopping this year? Why not buy gifts for people you love while helping kids you’ve never met.

Presenting...Our Classic Christmas Catalogue.

Buy gifts directly for displaced families. We’ll send your gift to them and a digital card about the gift to you.

No matter how you shop, you are participating in redemptive consumerism: purchases that make the world a better place for kids displaced by conflict and oppression. Thank you, and Merry Christmas.

Love: The Classic Catalogue



Malnourished infants consistently lag in development. Our nutrient- rich infant nutrition packs give them what they need to thrive when suffering from Severe Acute Malnutrition, as there simply isn’t enough food to go around. This gift provides food for one month.

$33 / kit


Healthcare workers are trained by our team of doctors and Partners’- trained local health leaders. They are then sent to communities that otherwise do not have access to healthcare. This gift covers food, living expenses, and training for one month.

$86 / trainee

Two babies have died in the 3 years that Poung Noom, a Community Health Worker, has been there, which was a marked decrease considering most village women have lost one or more babies in the past.



Your support gives a young child the ability to attend school for a whole year, have a daily meal, school supplies, teaching materials, and covers their teacher’s salary.

$102 / child


Education is essential for refugees who have grown up in camps and from communities in Karen State who otherwise would not have access to education. Cover their accommodation, food, desk, chair, learning materials and teacher salaries for a month with this gift.

$133 / student

There is a school in my village and its highest grade is grade 3. Most children my age do not go to school because they help their family with work. Partners provides me with school supplies, food, transportation, security, and also visits us to encourage students. I hope to continue to study at Asia Pacific International University in Bangkok. I would like to be a teacher. I am committed to serve my people and my community as much as I can.

~ A student in Partners GED Program


Hygiene Kit

Education shouldn’t stop when a girl has her period and life can’t stop when a mother does. The kits, made by migrant women who are paid a fair wage, give girls and women freedom all month long.

$18 / kit


Some wounds of war cannot be healed with bandaids or time. Our play-based trauma care program has had remarkable success in beginning the healing process for kids traumatized by ISIS in Iraq. This gift covers one month of the program for a child.

$28 / child

“I have been here for a month. My daddy died. My mommy is not well in her head. I miss my home.”

~ A young boy in the Trauma Program

The Classic Bundle

Can’t Decide Which Gift To Buy? We get it; they are all great. May we suggest buying them all so that this Christmas, parents who cannot afford to get anything for their kids can give them everything they need?

$400 / all the gifts