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Northeast Syria

Keep families displaced by war warm this winter.

You can deliver warm blankets and diesel heaters so children who’ve already lost their homes don’t have to sleep on concrete floors in the freezing weather.

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Our team found families sleeping on cardboard.

After delivering food to 1,350 families displaced by conflict in NE Syria - some of them just recently - we noticed almost all tents were without any basic winter survival supplies. Because love acts, we’re going to keep these children and families warm through the coldest nights of the year.

How you can help

Blanket & Mattress

Deliver a warm blanket and mattress so that no child has to sleep on a bare concrete floor.

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Diesel Heater

Provide a source of heat so that every family in the camp can stay warm right through the winter.

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Your Impact

1,350 families still need a warm place to spend winter.

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