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To Love is to Act Store

It’s time for some redemptive consumerism. Shop unique items that support our work with children affected by conflict and oppression.

'P' Hats

The design is subtle, but the message is not. You’re protecting your face while protecting families that hide in jungles with tarps, flashlights, food, and cookware. Win-Win. Available styles: White Trucker Hat, Navy Trucker Hat (ships June 7th), & Black Eco-Washed Dad Cap (both in Adult Size)


Classic Partners Tee

Match our field teams with this conversation-starter tee. Men, you asked for a basic tee, so here's us delivering. (Unisex sizing; Triblend fabrication)


To Love Is To Act Tee

This tee is a monochromatic way to tell friends that you care about people caught in conflict - while telling those caught in conflict that you stand with them, through tangible methods; food, medicine, education, and shelter. It’s cool. Clearly. (Unisex sizing; Triblend fabric)



Baggu’s best selling reusable bag goes everywhere and hauls (practically) anything. We take ours to the farmers market around the corner from HQ. Holds 2–3 plastic grocery bags worth of stuff. Folds into a flat 5” × 5” pouch. Boom.


Hand-Woven Bracelet

These bracelets were hand-woven on a loom by our Lead Weaver who lives in a refugee camp on the Thai/Myanmar border (May 2021). All bracelets are dyed in natural dyes and the proceeds from each bracelet you purchase go to fund our projects.


To Love Is To Act Stickers

Represent the To Love Is To Act message on all the places you like to put stickers - computer, cooler, bottle, skateboard - and/or share a few with friends. We've got our stickers in bundles of 5, and they're ready to get stuck. 3" x 3"


Myanmar On My Mind Ribbon

In Myanmar, red ribbons are ubiquitous in the protests against military rule; they symbolize peace and democracy. To keep Myanmar on our minds, we’ll send a free red ribbon to anyone who wants one as a visual cue to remember something you are prone to forget, like a conflict on the other side of the world.


16oz Carter MOVE Mug w/ Splash Guard

Consider your commute covered. Designed to keep ice - or tea bags - in your drink where it belongs with a snap- in splash guard and a slim width, Carter Move Mug is our new favorite. 16 oz. Matte white + white love matte white + black love matte black + white love.


Woven Masks

Migrant women in our sewing program designed and have sewn these masks made from material hand woven by Karen women. To Love Love Love is to wear a mask.


Theo Goes To Myanmar

Is the country of Myanmar a mystery to you? Join Theo and Aung on a tour through this ancient nation, and discover miracle trees, delicious food and friendly people. You'll also learn about some of Myanmar's difficulties and how you can help. Written by Oddny Gumaer, illustrated by Elise Gumaer.


Gifts With Impact

Food Pack

Deliver a month's worth of food to a family displaced by war so they don't have to worry about where their next meal will come from.


Shelter Tarp

Provide a heavy duty tarp to a family displaced by conflict so they have adequate shade and shelter.


Where Needed

When a family has to flee quickly because fighting has broken out, there's little time to gather valuables. Provide a family who have left everything behind with whatever items they need most urgently.


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