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Introducing our new logo. And travel mug.

For months, our HQ team trialed this mug from Fellow Products. We took it everywhere and we all agreed: it lived up to the hype. This was the mug we wanted to put our new logo on. And for $26, now you can own one too.

What makes the Carter Mug special?

Their website says it best:
AROMATIC WIDE MOUTH. You don’t sip out of a tiny hole at home. A mug-inspired mouth lets you access coffee’s full aroma and gauge the temperature before you drink.
DRINKABLE THIN LIP A tapered thin lip mimics a Cabernet glass to deliver coffee directly to your taste buds while also sitting comfortably on your mouth.
TRUE TASTE CERAMIC COATING Your coffee should taste how you intended. Unlike stainless steel, a ceramic interior keeps your brew free of odors, oils, and “old penny” tasting notes."
Plus: leak-proof. A must. Hot stays hot, cold stays cold. Duh.

Get more information on the Fellow website.