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Mars Hill Partners Relief & Development

To Love Is To Act

We’re partnering together to show the Rohingya, and the world, just what love looks like.

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Almost half a million rohingya have no access to formal education.

For the roughly 500,000 Rohingya children living in limbo in refugee camps in Bangladesh, their lack of official refugee status means no opportunities to enrol in local Bangladeshi schools. You can help keep their education on track by supporting schools in the refugee camps that are working to get as many kids back in class as possible.

This is how you can Help.

Days For Girls $18
Provide a reusable feminine hygiene kit and keep girls where they belong: in school and learning alongside the boys.
School Supplies $26
Fill a backpack with all the tools kids need to help them learn at school: books, paper, pencils and crayons.
Field Trip $30
Enable a student to attend the school’s annual field trip. They only take one and it's the highlight of their year.
Uniform $30
Provide a uniform for a Rohingya child to be able to attend school. Education for all means uniforms for all!
A Year of Lunch $66
Stop grumbling tummies and provide brain food with a healthy lunch of rice, veggies and dahl. Every day.
Desk + Chair $90
Furnish a classroom with desks and chairs, because kids learn better when they have a sturdy writing surface.
Teacher Salary $230
Cover the monthly salary of one of our teachers. They are world-changers and deserve every penny!
All The Above $242 One-stop shopping for all their school needs. This takes care of everything a child needs to be able to go to school.