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5 Alive

You can help keep a family of five Rohingya alive.

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$50 means
5 lives saved.

Photo of a young Rohingya girl
Photo of a young Rohingya boy
Photo of a Rohingya mother
Photo of a young Rohingya girl
Photo of a young Rohingya boy

Few children on earth are more affected by oppression than Rohingya children who with their parents have fled the genocidal campaign of the Myanmar military and now depend on the love of others to meet their needs. These kids living in overcrowded refugee camps with little access to medicine and meals need a place at the table. When you give their parents enough food to cook them a month’s worth of meals, you are feeding Jesus Christ right alongside them.

This is what $50 provides.


A Heavy Duty Tarp to protect a family from the elements.

Food Pack

A food parcel with rice to feed a family for a month.

Basilah's* family were left with nothing.

Basilah and her four beautiful children were attacked by the Myanmar military. Their home was set on fire. They fled with the clothes on their backs and walked to a new country. Now they are in a refugee camp in Bangladesh and she doesn’t have enough food to feed her children. “We have so many difficulties finding food. The amount of rice we receive as monthly ration is not enough for us.” This is not okay.

Feed Basilah and her kids for $50 a month because a mother in a refugee camp doesn’t have a source of income to do it herself. When you love her kids like you love your own, that is the best kind of love.

*Name changed to protect identity.

Keep a family of 5 Alive today.

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