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We Are Partners 2018 Gift Catalog

We Are Partners

2019 Gift Catalog

Purchase a gift that will deliver God’s tangible love to children and families affected by conflict and oppression. It’s the best kind of gift you can give!

How it works.

Shop from the selection of life-changing gifts we’ve put together below.
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A card for each gift you choose will be posted or emailed to you.

Bring Them A Meal

When you experience crisis, people bring you casseroles and you are grateful. But stateless families in Myanmar have had their social fabric shredded and have little community to lean on when they need it most. Our Community Support Network volunteers look out for everyone in the camps - from the babies to the elderly - and in the process, weave a new community fabric of love and care.

Days For Girls

Even if you have enough food to eat, living in a refugee camp is not ideal; having your period in a refugee camp without any feminine supplies is downright miserable. The protection these reusable kits give returns a bit of dignity to girls who have lost so much.

Healthy Kids

Because they are vastly preferable to sick kids, back by demand: healthy kids! They live in remote villages far from home because violence has pushed them there, so we bring medical care to them.

Sleeping Bag

No matter how violent the day was or how far away from home they are, when kids crawl into a sleeping bag that is all their own and that keeps them cozy and padded, they have a tiny place in the world that feels safe.

Infant Nutrition Pack

You can hear absolutely everything through the tarp walls of a tent in a refugee camp. A hungry baby can’t really be soothed by anything other than milk and can’t be nursed by a mother whose milk supply has dried up. If they eat something, everyone will sleep better tonight. Better yet, give them what they need for a whole month.

Seeds to Sow

We give farmers in remote villages on the Thai/Myanmar border the training and supplies they need to plant, fertilize, grow and harvest food to feed their families. Knowing they have food growing outside their home gives stability and normalcy to kids who have been displaced from their homes by violence.

5 Alive

Keep a family of 5 Rohingya refugees alive with a food parcel to last them a month and a heavy duty tarp to protect them from the elements. Because when a family cooks a meal and eats it together, they are reminded that they belong to one another and that even in a refugee camp, they can recreate a bit of home.

Train Their Teacher

Most of us can name our favorite teachers and what made them special to us. Kids in Karen State, Myanmar deserve to have a favorite teacher too. Make that happen for them by underwriting the training for one teacher and know your gift will impact every student they teach.

In the event of a particular item being over subscribed, Partners Relief & Development will redirect your donation to other needs of the same community project, or to an equally worthwhile project.

All The Gifts

All the previous gifts and joy to the world! Give kids and their families the warmth of a crackling fire, the ingredients to cook meals for an entire month, a sleeping bag to call their own, the tools to heal from the trauma they’ve experienced. Do all of that and more when you buy all the gifts.

Make a donation to where it’s most needed and rest assured that you’ll be meeting the most critical needs of children affected by conflict and oppression.