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Partners Monthly Donation Program

Joining Partners is more than just a subscription. It’s an investment, month after month, that is giving some of the world’s 420 million children growing up in conflict zones a much brighter future. Join our community today!

Questions about your donation?

We have an ambitious goal and will not stop until we reach it.

Free, full lives for children affected by conflict and oppression.

Some say it’s impossible, but we have been involved in so many impossible situations that the word ‘impossible’ is no longer in our vocabulary. With God, all things are possible. Partners is our monthly giving community whose members believe that and are committed to being the wellspring, giving month after month to wherever their money is needed most to see this goal reached.

How it works.

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You give monthly.

Join over 500 others and signup to give automatically each month. Your regular support will fuel sustainably-focused projects that meet children's basic needs, prevent them being exploited, and care for them in crisis situations.

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We report back.

You just became a Partner because empathy is your superpower. Thank you! You'll receive monthly email updates with stories of your impact, as well as a 40% discount when you order merchandise from our store.

Your investment brings change in two ways.

Emergency Relief through the provision of food, shelter, medical care and basic survival necessities during crisis events.

Sustainable Development that transforms community wellbeing, improves health and education, and provides a nurturing environment for children.

Learn more about our work

Nurankis and her family are just some of the 494,889 helped last year.

Greater still, you provided the families of children attending their school with food packs that gave them a whole month of meals. Nurankis and her brother Ibrahim were able to bring home one of those parcels to their mother!

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We our community of world changers.

Passionate. Consistent. Visionary. That’s how we describe this amazing family of generous supporters who have committed to end the suffering of children growing up in conflict zones. And we think you’re a perfect fit!

"We have so many subscriptions these days promising to make our lives better. But this is one that actually brings real fulfilment. Every month, I get to be a part of changing the lives of kids in some of the darkest places on the planet. That is something worth committing to!”Dave, Partners Member

Here’s what your donation can do.

Keep a child safe, healthy and in school by providing care for them in a community based home.

$15 / month

Provide a migrant with education and personal development skills through SEED training center.

$25 / month

Deliver a pack with a month’s worth of food to a family that’s been affected by war in the Middle East.

$50 / month

Train a health worker to provide care in rural areas of Myanmar with limited access to health services.

$100 / month

Sponsor 10 farmers to participate in an intensive training on sustainable agriculture.

$250 / month

Fully fund a clinic in Myanmar for a month, including medicine, staff salaries and training.

$450 / month

*These figures are representative of the effect of your donation. In the event that a project is fully funded, your donation will be directed to another equally worthwhile project.

Join over 500 other world-changers.

And help fuel our vision to see children affected by conflict and oppression expereince free, full lives.

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