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Bring hope in the Middle East.

Brutal civil wars in Syria and Yemen and ongoing violence and instability across Iraq has displaced millions of people. Over half of them are children. Where violence has brought suffering and despair, your love is bringing hope.

The Numbers

Extended and complex armed conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Yemen have resulted in a humanitarian crisis almost beyond comprehension that has affected multiple surrounding nations and resulted in the largest displacement of people since World War II.


People are internally displaced in Syria.


People are internally displaced in Iraq.


People in Yemen are in need of food support.

How You Can Help

Even a small gift will go a long way for those in need.

Partners teams are responding to the massive displacement of civilians as a result of conflict in the region. You can reach these people, providing life-saving supplies when they need it most. Though it may a small gesture in a crisis so large, the hope you bring to families who have lost everything is huge.

Give Clean Water
water icon

Supply a whole week’s worth of drinking water to a family displaced by violence in Iraq.

Donate $7
Give Sleeping Bags
sleeping bag icon

Give a warm sleeping bag or blanket to keep children protected from the elements.

Donate $15
Give Chickens
chicken icon

Deliver 5 chickens to a family that will give them increased food security and an income source.

Donate $35
Give Food Parcels
food parcel icon

Provide a box of food and hygiene supplies to keep a displaced family healthy for a month.

Donate $40
Give Kerosene
water icon

Keep a family warm and give them the ability to cook with a month’s worth of kerosene.

Donate $72

122,497 people.

That’s how many you’ve helped so far.

Your Impact So Far

In places where there is great fear, you’re there sowing love.

In 2016, you took a big step with us to begin providing assistance in war-torn regions of the Middle East and already your generosity is having impact. You’ve brought practical help to thousands of displaced and trapped families who have almost no other outside assistance. But most importantly, your act of love has reminded them they haven’t been forgotten.

chicken icon
250 People Helped

Chickens Supplied

Your support enabled 505 egg-laying chickens to be delivered to families displaced by ISIS in northern Iraq, bringing an ongoing source of nutrition and a smile and to their weary faces.

parcel icon
28,800 People Helped

Food Parcels

Thanks to you, local partners delivered 4,650 parcels containing enough food, candles and hygiene supplies for one month to desperate families in the Aleppo countryside, Syria.

sleeping bag icon
2,060 People Helped

Sleeping Bags

One of the challenges facing children who have fled the violence in Syria is the bitter cold, but you have responded by providing 2,060 sleeping bags to make sure they stay warm at night.

water icon
8,000 People Helped

Clean Water

Access to clean water continues to be limited in areas liberated from ISIS control in Iraq, which is why the thousands of bottles of drinking water you have sent to these communities is so important.

Latest Video

Where You're Helping

Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

At the heart of our work has always been a desire to go to the hard to reach places where few organizations are working. While focusing on providing immediate help to children suffering as a result of war and oppression, our vision is also to invest long-term in developing solutions to support these communities. By starting development projects that strengthen families and rebuild infrastructure to meet children’s primary needs like healthcare and education, you invest in a future for these children where they have the opportunity to live free, full lives. It’s for this reason that, together with you, we go to these places to show God’s love.

We cannot do this without your help.