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There's power in sharing stories and helping an important message get heard. Every time you share content on our social channels with your network, you help spread the word. It's so easy!

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Our advocates made sure Hafsa's story was heard.

When Hafsa shared her powerful story of escaping human traffickers with our team, we knew it was one the world needed to hear. Thanks to our advocates who shared her story on Facebook, thousands were able to hear and were moved to respond.

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Jess fed some friends and changed the world.

Moved to respond to the refugee crisis in Myanmar, Jess asked some friends over for dinner and showed them one of Partners’ videos. Afterwards she answered some questions about Partners work asked if anyone wanted to do something to help, with some of her friends responding by becoming monthly supporters. Her simple dinner party has meant even more people will be helped.

3 New Supporters


We need your friends help too! Go a step further and actively recruit other like-minded people to join the team.

Use Facebook's page invitation tool to ask some of your friends to follow Partners' Facebook page. Just visit our page and click the option to invite friends to like this page. Use Facebook's invite tool to encourage friends to follow Partners Invite like-minded friends for a meal and share about Partners work with children affected by conflict and oppression. Show them one of our videos and invite those who feel moved to respond to consider becoming monthly supporters.

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Use these resources as you help share stories and help spread the word about our work bringing free, full lives to children affected by conflict and oppression.

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Share A Status

We've put together some messages which you can easily share on your Facebook or Twitter feed or if you feel inspired, you can write your own.

Share a Video

Video is one of the most powerful storytelling mediums, so we’ve collected some of our favorite stories for you to share online or download to show at public events.

A Snapshot of Partners


Filling A Gap


Trapped in the Mountains


Hafsa's Story




Not So Different


Use a Cover Photo

We’ve collected some beautiful images of the children you care about to share with your friends on your Facebook timeline and Twitter feed.

Download Photos

We've put together a collection of some of our favorite images taken by our staff and volunteers. You can download and use these to help share how we’re working together to build a better future for children affected by conflict and oppression.

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