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Join the movement of less for us, more for them, so migrant kids and teenagers in Thailand can live free, full lives.

of $50,000 Goal Raised

Kids who live on the bottom rung of the ladder have it worse than anyone.

That’s because they are more vulnerable to exploitation, trafficking, malnutrition and trauma. They work the lowest-paying and most-dangerous jobs: construction, factories, prostitution. Their whole existence is about LESS: less food, less clean drinking water, less chance to go to school, less security, less everything. That is not right. That’s why we’re asking you to live with less, so they can live with more.

Provides language and vocational training to a young at-risk migrant.


Provides food, education, health and other support for two struggling families.

One Mother's Struggle.

As a migrant, woman and single mother from the conflict areas of Myanmar and now living in Thailand, Nie Ngwe Oo works hard to farm the land her landlord lets her live on but she cannot find employment because she doesn’t have identification, so she struggles to provide for her child.

Our team met her and her extended family she lives with and now pays for their medical expenses, provides rice to feed them, buys the kids school uniforms and makes sure they have transportation to school each day. They have found new hope and love in their church family. They are still poor, still just a few of the 3 million migrants in Thailand.

BUT they are not alone. They are seen. They have people like you who live with a bit less so they can have a bit more. And that’s really Good News.

Less for us. More for them.