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This is love.

Send the best kind of Valentine this year to kids you'll never meet.

We think this is the best gift you’ll give this Valentines.

Just select which gifts you’d like to give, add your chosen items to the cart and click checkout when you’re done. A digital card for each gift you choose will be emailed to you which you can pass on to your loved one.

Sleeping Bag

It is miserable to sleep outside night after winter night because your apartment is no longer standing. Send a little love to Syria this month in the form of sleeping bags and make life cozier for kids who have lost nearly everything.

Infant Nutrition Pack

We heart red on Valentine's Day except if when a Rohingya baby's upper arm circumference measures red: severely malnourished. You can reverse this fairly rapidly when you provide a month's worth of formula for her. Let's do this.

In the event of a particular item being over subscribed, Partners Relief & Development will redirect your donation to other needs of the same community project, or to an equally worthwhile project.

Send love where it’s needed most.

If you’re the kind of person who loves to help where it’s needed most, we’ve got you covered. Make a donation below and rest assured that you’ll be meeting the needs of children affected by conflict and oppression this Valentine’s Day.