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To Love is to Knit

Shivering in thin clothing through months of cold weather is wretched. This winter, you can solve this problem for kids displaced by war right where you are with two needles and $5.

* Please note the kits mentioned in this video have sold out, but you can still order the pattern and knit a hat with your own yarn.

We are partnering with Purl Soho who have generously provided a simple pattern that can be used to knit up a hat using your own yarn in a few hours.

Purl Soho

How it works.

Get The Pattern.

Make a $5 donation and we’ll email you a PDF of the hat pattern.

Start Knitting.

Knit. Think about the baby who will soon wear the hat you’re creating. Smile.

Mail It Back.

Once you’ve finished, use the return label we email you to mail the hat back to us.

We'll Deliver.

Our team on the ground will deliver it to a child, keeping them cosy and warm.

Thank you for keeping them warm this winter.