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The Impact

Many people around the world have invested in a vision to see children caught in conflict and oppression experience free, full lives and together we’ve been working hard to make this a reality. Each number here represents a real life touched by the passion and generosity of our hero supporters to improve children’s lives.

Sustainable Development

Your support helps communities grow their capacity to help themselves. Highlights this past year include building businesses that fund schooling, improving rice production and teaching organic farming methods to feed families, and training and equipping clinics and health workers to radically improve community well-being.

123 Health workers and medics trained to provide care

Rural communities across Myanmar are benefitting from the increasing standard of healthcare provided by the local health workers and medics who have received training through Partners’ health projects.

49 Successfully running sustainable school projects

These income generating businesses, such as goat and corn farming, are now either supporting teachers and schools in areas where access to education is limited or reinvesting the profit into the business to boost long term profit.

372 Participants trained in sustainable agriculture techniques

Having been equipped in modern agricultural and animal husbandry techniques at our training centers, these farmers are now experiencing increased yields, which benefits their families through additional income and nourishing produce.

Training for a healthier future.

Ever since she was young, Naw Ta Kaw Paw has had an interest in medicine and health care. “When I was a younger and studied in school the only thing I could think about was that I want to be a doctor. At that time, I heard about some health care training in the mountain area so I decided to go to the training, which ended up being a Community Health Worker (CHW) training.” In addition to completing the CHW training, Naw Ta Kaw Paw was also trained through Partners’ Village Health Worker training and now provides medical care to villagers through one of eight village clinics that Partners supports in Karen State, Myanmar. “I love to help people and continually improve my medical skills.”

Strengthening Families

We are working in partnership with local communities to strengthen families and provide safe nurturing environments for children to grow, while keeping them in school and increasing community awareness to reduce the number of children sold, kidnapped, or otherwise trafficked into prostitution and slavery each year.

92 Children given access to early childhood education

Through the support of 4 nursery schools in areas affected by decades of conflict, Partners is enabling young children to receive early childhood education. This enables them to become literate at an early age, laying a solid foundation for their future.

773 Displaced and refugee children being cared for while attending school

For these children who have suffered from the effects of war and poverty, the community-based care provided has meant that they have the opportunity to attend school whilst being well cared for in a safe and nurturing environment.

272 Shan migrants assisted through SEED training center

For these migrant workers and children of migrant workers, the opportunity to receive assistance and educational and vocational training through SEED has meant increased avenues to secure safer work and reduced the risk of exploitation.

Permission to dream.

After losing her parents, the last thing Naw Moo Gay Khu deserves is to be sold into prostitution, a very real possibility for her as the oldest girl in a family of six siblings. Instead, she is in Grade 6 at Beautiful Home, one of the four community-based homes Partners supports in Karen State, Myanmar. Students here receive the warm love of their caregivers, a superior education from their teachers, and the practical skills of animal husbandry. She shares, “My dream for the future is to be a medic so that I can work in my village and treat patients and help my people.” By the time she is 18, Naw Moo Gay will have a high school diploma, experience raising animals, sewing skills, and her dreams intact.

Emergency Relief

Continued violence in Myanmar last year saw hundreds of thousands remain internally displaced, with limited access to food, education and basic medical needs an ongoing issue. Meanwhile, you also took a big step with us to begin providing assistance in war-torn regions of the Middle East. In these times of crisis, where children and families are left most vulnerable, Partners has committed to go and help wherever we have been able.

439 Tonnes of rice provided to displaced families

This rice, delivered to communities in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, was a critical provision for many with little access to other food sources. Accompanying rice distributions in Myanmar was over 4,160 kilograms of vegetables to help improve nutrition.

14 Wells installed to provide access to clean water

In addition to these wells, our relief team was able to co-ordinate the building of 11 toilets in Rakhine State, Myanmar to increase the level of hygiene in crowded camps where over 100,000 displaced Rohingya are currently residing.

4,650 Food parcels distributed to families near Aleppo

Local partners delivered these parcels containing enough food, candles and hygiene supplies for one month to 28,800 desperate people forced to flee their homes due to the war in Syria.

Now they’re helping themselves.

We’re always looking for ways to empower communities amidst our relief efforts. In 2016, our approach changed from sporadic relief as funds allowed, to a regular feeding program with a remote group of 137 Rohingya families. After a few months, we noticed a palpable change. When our team visited, they saw vegetables growing near the camp. The families had also dug a pond to raise fish and grown and harvested 50 bags of rice. Now they’re hopeful to reduce their reliance on distributions from our team. Hope has replaced hunger. Hope brings desire and desire breeds initiative. And initiative moves people away from emergency relief toward self-sufficiency.

198,450 people directly helped last year.

2016 was an incredible year. Our amazing global support community has given, prayed and fundraised to help fund our frontline work with children and communities impacted by conflict and oppression. On behalf of all the team at Partners, thank you for making it our biggest year yet!

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