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Your Impact

All we did together in 2019 started with love, ended with action and resulted in joy for over 300,000 people who you helped in some way.


*Total income received by our field office from Partners Relief & Development’s registered charities in Canada, New Zealand, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States. The accomplishments detailed in this report are the result of our combined efforts.


World map with Thailand marker

You worked in migrant communities and amongst refugee populations to provide greater access to education and health care, while also investing in the training of migrants to gain employment so they can financially support their families.

1,801 Patients Treated. Rural communities are benefitting from the increasing standard of healthcare provided by local health workers through Lay Tong Ku Health Center.
Faithful educator. Champion of hope. Read Naw Tamular’s story.
1,453 Days For Girls Kits Produced. Not only do you employ women from migrant communities to sew them, but the kits they’re making are helping restore some dignity to those receiving them.
875 Refugee and migrant students supported. For children who have suffered from the effects of war and poverty, the community-based care and education programs you support are helping to set them up for success.

411 gifts
for Christmas.

You responded with wild generosity and hundreds of gifts for kids and families caught in oppression and we can’t thank you enough. This is what you bought, and what they received.

48 Trauma Recovery
74 Medical Supplies
127 Freedom. Period.
89 Boxes of Food
10 Glasses For Migrants
34 Goats
12 Farms of the Future
17 Sewing Machines


World map with Myanmar marker

As human right abuses continued in Myanmar, you provided food for those displaced by conflict, while also investing in better health care, education and farming practices in communities recovering from decades of war.

72,221 Instances of relief delivered. That's the number of separate times in 2019 that help was given across Myanmar, otherwise known as 72,221 times you delivered love.
7,429 Children in Education Initiatives. That's 7,429 kids who will grow up educated and able to provide for their families, potentially breaking the cycle of poverty that conflict and oppression create.
Making education sustainable. Read Saw Alexer's story.
461 Agricultural training attendees. That means there are now 461 farmers who who are using what they learned to feed their families and training their neighbours to do the same.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."Helen Keller


World map with Bangladesh marker

As almost a million Rohingya are still living in limbo in some of the largest refugee camps in the world, you’re still there providing life-saving relief, medical care and education support to families who have lost almost everything.

1,943 Infant Nutrition Packs Distributed. From red (severely malnourished), right past yellow (slightly malnourished) through to green: healthy baby! That is our goal. These nutrition packs get us there.
The Found One. Read Mamun’s story.
1,554 Family food packs delivered. That is enough to feed roughly 7,770 people for weeks. You paid that ginormous grocery bill.
39 Sanitation Solutions Installed. Ever wonder where thousands of people in a refugee camp use the bathroom? Privately and with dignity, wherever you've helped install one of these, that’s where.

You smashed #GivingTuesday. Again.

We thought our US$60,000 goal was outrageous. But you met it with outrageous generosity, raising US$93,717 so that 30,000 people in eastern Myanmar can have better access to healthcare for their children.


World map with Syria marker

Care for children orphaned by war, food for the victims of bombings, schools destroyed by ISIS rebuilt and reopened. These were just some of the ways you brought God’s love into one of the world’s most devastating conflicts.

4.9 Million meals
In cold weather, nothing tastes better, except maybe your mother’s chicken soup. And to a hungry child, all food is comfort food.
1,012 Students back in 2 rebuilt schools. What ISIS destroyed with hate and closed for years, you rebuilt with love that will keep multiplying every single year.
Born into a
war zone.
Read Loreen’s story.
40,500 People given access to health care. The newly-rebuilt clinic has a queue of patients out the door almost daily and our hospitainer is on the road. And with one of the only dental clinics for miles, your love makes people smile. Literally.

Learn to do right; seek justice.
Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow.Isaiah 1:17


World map with Iraq marker

You were there to bring healing and hope to communities who have been left deeply scared by years of war. You met those still displaced with food parcels, trained trauma counselors to begin healing the hearts of the youngest victims of a brutal conflict and reopened a school that will leave a lasting impact.

82 Family food packs distributed. Even on the run or in a refugee camp, when a family can cook a meal and eat it together, they are reminded of home, and that they belong to each other.
Back in
class again.
Read Omar’s story.
150 Children provided trauma care This is Hard with a capital “H”. And Hopeful too. Kids traumatized by the violence done to them by ISIS go through 3 months of trauma care with professionals and come out on the other side talking, smiling a bit more, even playing.
146 Students back in one refurbished school. What conflict destroyed, you rebuilt with love that will keep multiplying with every single student that can now attend school.

Thank You. 317,650 times.

2019 was an incredible year that was only made possible becasue of our amazing global support community. Thank you for giving, praying and fundraising to fuel our work.