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Start your campaign for free, full lives.

Whether it's climbing a mountain, donating your birthday or giving up coffee for a month, your brilliant fundraising idea helps raise much needed funds to support our work bringing freedom and fullness to children affected by conflict and oppression.

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Kick-starting your campaign is easy!

Decide on your fundraising idea.

It could be something simple like giving up coffee for a month or something challenging like completing a marathon. No idea is too crazy!

You could give up coffee for a month.
Create your fundraising page.

Create your fundraising page.

Setting up a page so friends can quickly and easily give to your campaign is really simple. All you have to do is choose what campaign you're fundraising for, enter your details, upload a photo, set your goal and you’re ready to go!

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Start spreading the word.

Share your fundraising page on social media, email your friends and encourage them to get behind your campaign for free, full lives for children affected by conflict and oppression.

Share your campaign on social media.

Over 158 people have already raised more than $54,700!

Here are some of their fundraising stories to inspire you.

Where's Laura?

Laura travelled around Southeast Asia dressed as Where's Waldo to raise $1,401 for children affected by conflict and oppression.

Rei's First Birthday

Grateful for the health of their own daughter, Rei's parents dedicated her first birthday to raise $1,539 so other children could experience the same.

Brad's 20,000ft Climb

Brad and his son overcame multiple challenges to reach the summit of Chamser Kangri in the Himalayas, raising an amazing $2,800.

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