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Responding to hate with love is not for everyone. It is for us.

The military in Myanmar are attacking protesters in the cities and chasing villagers out of their homes and into the forest in the ethnic states. You can respond to their hate with food, shelter and medical care for displaced families.

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Myanmar’s ethnic minorities are again under assault.

The story of what’s happening in Myanmar is bigger than the protests you see on the news. One can effortlessly connect the dots from military coup to corresponding attacks on people in areas we have worked for 27 years. This dramatic increase in displaced families is a direct result of the coup by a military that fears nothing: not sanctions, not protestors, not the sanctity of life.

How you can help

We can’t make the long-term problem of military rule in Myanmar go away. We can address the short-term problem of I’m hungry, is there anything to eat?


Ensure families on the run aren’t left completely in the dark at night by supplying a flashlight.


Provide blankets to help protect displaced families forced to sleep outside.


Deliver enough rice so a family who had to leave their food behind can have enough to eat for a month.


Provide shelter from the weather for families in their hide sites.


Supply clinics and trained health workers with medicine for 10 people.

Early Warning

Give communities a rechargeable walkie-talkie (with solar panel) to warn nearby villages of imminent attacks.

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“The military has the authority to lead the country and harm ethnic minorities. They force them to leave and kill them even now.”

- Partners staff member from Myanmar

Your Impact

We’ve been working alongside our friends in Myanmar for 27 years.

Over this time we have formed deep relationships with these communities, always consulting with them to find out exactly what their needs are responding as rapidly as possible. And because we specialize in providing emergency assistance where conflict and political complexity impact the wellbeing of children and their families, we are well equipped to continue to deliver food and essential supplies despite the disruption of the military coup.


That’s how many people you delivered emergency relief items to in 2020.

6,093people assisted with shelter.
407,974kilograms of rice delivered.
1,354people assisted with health care.

To love is to respond.

When atrocities and injustice happen, it’s not enough to offer condolences and watch helplessly. Act on the imperative of love so children caught in the crossfire of Myanmar's conflicts can have free, full lives.

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