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Responding to hate with love is not for everyone. It is for us.

The military in Myanmar are escalating their attacks in ethnic states, chasing villagers out of their homes and into the forest. You can respond to their hate with food, shelter and medical care for displaced families.

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Our Mission

1 in 6 children globally are living in conflict zones. We believe every single one deserves better.

War and oppression have devastating consequences on the freedom and well-being of innocent children caught in the crossfire. Because these children deserve free, full lives, we're working with you to change that.

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From training medics to helping build schools, it’s about sowing seeds for future generations.

Our Work

From training medics to helping build schools, it's about sowing seeds for future generations.

We join hands with local communities impacted by war and oppression to find ways to strengthen families, meet their needs in times of crisis and create nurturing environments that allow children to reach their full potential.

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Your Impact


That’s how many people your generosity directly impacted just last year.

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1 Day. $100K. 1,000 Kids.

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