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Our Work

Children shouldn’t suffer because adults are fighting.

That’s why we go to children affected by war and oppression, reminding them they are loved and doing all we can to help them reach their full potential.

The problem?

468 million children are living in conflict zones worldwide.

We can all say this is not ok.
But we believe that words without action don’t mean much. So with your help, we’re investing in some of the most vulnerable, conflict-affected communities on earth in order to bring practical solutions that build a future for children free from hardship and exploitation.

Our response.

This is how we're working to bring freedom.

Emergency Relief

Through the provision of food, shelter, medical care and basic survival necessities during crisis events.

Sustainable Development

That transforms community wellbeing, improves health and education, and provides a nurturing environment for children.

Our projects.

Community driven. Locally led.

We value the capabilities that are already held by communities. That’s why we work in partnership with them, co-developing projects that draw people and skills together to establish creative solutions to the unique challenges they face.

Emergency Relief



Community Building


Our impact last year.

You can explore the full impact report here.

711Kpeopled helped.

Where we work.

Across conflict zones in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Thailand, Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Decades of military rule and oppression have left many in Myanmar without access to basic medical care and the opportunity to go to school, as well as resulting in the mass displacement of over a million people into neighboring Thailand and Bangladesh. The responsibility of providing aid to these refugees has predominantly fallen to international non-government organizations.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria* and Yemen.

Extended conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Yemen have resulted in a humanitarian crisis that has displaced of millions of people. Emergency relief, access to healthcare and education opportunities are all areas of great need amongst the displaced in Syria, Iraq and Yemen. We're also supporting families facing economic hardship in Afghanistan, where the Taliban takeover has plunged the country into even deeper crisis.

*Partners Relief & Development Canada is unable to join the Partners team in working in Syria due to Government of Canada sanctions on humanitarian assistance in Syria, an exemption permit is being sought.

Go with us to kids affected by war.

Help end the injustice of children suffering just because the adults are fighting. Your gift will fuel relief and development initiatives that are sustainable, community-driven and create a nurturing environment for these children to thrive in.

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