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Privacy Policy


Partners Relief & Development Canada, hereafter referred to as Partners, takes all possible measures to protect the personal information of its supporters. We store any personal data given to us as securely as possible, and NEVER sell, rent, give or otherwise provide that personal data (including e-mail address) to anyone outside of our organization.

Our Organization

Partners Relief & Development is a registered charity in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States. Partners mission is to demonstrate God's love through holistic action to children and communities made vulnerable by war. Our mission is carried out via Partners Field Offices and Field Staff. Throughout this document "we" and "ours" refers to the organization as a whole as well as to individual field ministries, and "you" and "yours" refers to any and all supporters and public site users.

Your Information Belongs to You

Your personal information, although it is shared with Partners, belongs to you. When we refer to "personal information", we mean any information about an identifiable individual, whether it concerns your email address, where you live, your interests or which organizations you support. We feel that it is your right to be able to give in a safe and secure environment, and to know how your personal information is being used.

What personal information we collect from/about you

We collect a variety of information from our supporters and users in different ways through our online resources. If you request electronic information via one of our web sites, or if you send us a comment or question via e-mail, we may keep your e-mail address in a database. This allows us to send you a reply or to provide further information pursuant to your request. If you request printed material via our web site or by e-mail, we will require your name and mailing address to send this to you. You may also be asked to provide an optional e-mail address. If you donate to our ministry or purchase materials from our web site, we will require your name and address to send you a receipt or the item you purchased. You may also be asked to provide an optional e-mail address. If you have any other contact with our organization, we may ask for and record your personal details including an optional telephone number or e-mail address.

What we do with your personal information

We will only store this information within our own internal databases. We NEVER sell, rent, give or otherwise provide this information to any outside entity, except to comply with legal requirements or with legal process. We may use this information internally within our organization or within our member ministries to send you information by post or by e-mail to inform you about ourselves or to solicit donations. In the event that you reside outside of the USA, we may make this information available to one of our ministries or representatives in your locale so that they might initiate contact with you. You may at any time inform us of your desire not to be contacted by us, and we will abide by your stated preferences.

How Keeping Your Donor Information Protects You

Your personal information will never be shared, traded, sold or used in any manner not explicitly approved by you. We do not swap mailing lists, share donor information or sell phone numbers. Only our designated personnel and independent auditors are allowed to access this personal information. Keeping your donation information is required for taxation purposes. It also helps protect you in the case of a lost or missing receipt, because we can reissue a receipt for your tax purposes. How you can request we update or delete personal information held about you or to not contact you If you believe that the personal information that we hold about you is incorrect, or if you wish us to remove any information held about you, you may contact our Privacy Officer to ask us to update or delete that personal information. If you do not want us to use the personal information gathered about you through various means to contact you, you may request that we restrict or entirely eliminate sending you any post or e-mail, other than what is required for legal reasons. You may inform us of this by:

Telephone: 403 538 2870
Post: 33130 Springbank Road Calgary, AB T3Z 2L9