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Over 900,000 Rohingya who were forced from their homes are still languishing in refugee camps in Bangladesh. Send them help today.

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The Rohingya need your help.

The Rohingya are a stateless Muslim minority group who have been subjected to systematic persecution and grave human rights abuses by Myanmar authorities for decades. Over 100,000 live in internally displaced persons camps in Rakhine State with no freedom of movement or access to food, water, sanitation, healthcare and education.

Escalating violence in September 2017 forced an additional 700,000 to flee to Bangladesh, leaving them in an extremely vulnerable state. Partners has been working alongside their communities since 2012 and is uniquely positioned to partner with you in responding to this crisis.


Refugees in Bangladesh


Of them are children.


Still displaced in Myanmar

3 ways you can help right now.

Our team has been responding to the critical needs of the Rohingya in Myanmar and Bangladesh, but we cannot do it without your help.

Or start your own fundraiser.

You can help advocate for the Rohingya by starting a fundraiser to provide life-saving care to these vulnerable children and families.

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186,243 Instances of Rohingya Helped(Jan-Dec 2018)

You’ve been right there helping thousands of displaced families and reminding them they haven’t been forgotten. Here’s just some of what you did.


You provided 1,040,800kg of rice.


You constructed 39 wells, 58 toilets and 67 shower units.


You provided trainings for 20 Community Health Workers.


You distributed 1,590 tarps to give shelter.


You provided education support and daily lunch for 110 children.

You can also follow our relief team’s updates on FACEBOOK.

The Rohingya need your help today.

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