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We're looking for big-hearted individuals to volunteer in various capacities alongside communities affected by conflict and oppression.

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As well as assisting staff in our offices, this is a unique opportunity to connect in person with the communities we’re working alongside. Through the application process, we endeavor to find a good fit with an applicant's skills and passions, and the opportunities available.


Our Volunteers and Visiting Professionals are those coming to fill roles around organizational needs. Volunteers can be those already within the project location or coming from overseas to volunteer.

Teaching English as well as teaching GED course material in various locations.
Admin Support
Assist with report editing, grant writing, data organizing and other research.

To learn more about what opportunities we have available, or if you have any questions about being involved in our work, please email

What are our volunteers saying?

Liz and LeroyUSA

My husband and I were fortunate to spend three months in Chiang Mai, Thailand to work with Partners after our wedding. Our main focus during our time was teaching GED classes to 10 students as well as an English class with 14 other students. Not only did experiencing a new culture expand our horizons as a newly married couple, but it opened our eyes to the dire situation of the people of Myanmar and Thailand.

The highlight of our three months was getting to know our highly motivated GED students. We enjoyed exploring Chiang Mai and learning about their culture from them, but we mostly appreciated hearing their stories about what they've been through and what they are currently going through with the ongoing turmoil in their home country of Myanmar. Additionally, we were able to support and accompany the Partners staff to visit other projects. Reflecting on our time, we are more than thankful to have been able to work with Partners and teach our students, as well as to be able to give support and share the love of God with those affected by conflict and oppression.