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The To Love Is To Act Store

Welcome to an online store that gives purchasing power a whole new spin.

Children shouldn’t suffer because the adults are fighting. Ever.

We think words without action don’t mean much. That’s why we go to children affected by violence and oppression and remind them that they matter and they are loved. Because to love is to act. Join us by purchasing a gift that is love to children and families whose world has been shattered by war.

Days For Girls $18
Provide reusable feminine hygiene kits to women and girls displaced by conflict.
Food Pack $25
Deliver a month’s worth of food to a family of five displaced by violence.
Infant Nutrition $35
Provide a mother living in a refugee camp with food to keep her child fed and healthy.
Shelter $40
Deliver a heavy duty tarp to protect a displaced family during the monsoon.
Where Needed $100
Meet the most critical needs facing children and families displaced by war.
Gas Stove $125
Provide a gas stove for a family to have a safer means of cooking than a fire.
All The Above $243 Can't decide what to buy? No worries: buy the whole shebang and know that a family has shelter from the rain, a month of hot meals and their most basic needs met. What a gift.

In the event of a particular item being over subscribed, Partners Relief & Development will redirect your donation to other needs of the same community project, or to an equally worthwhile project.

Want the same great feeling every month?

Partners For Change is more than just a subscription. It’s an investment, month after month, that is helping end the suffering of children caught in conflict and oppression. Join our community today!

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