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Strength For Today. Hope For Tomorrow.

Strength For Today. Hope For Tomorrow.

You’ve gone to the end of the road before, travelling with us to reach kids in warzones. Your year end gift today will be matched, helping make sure that next year, we can keep working alongside the hurting to bring strength and hope.

Choose an amount to give.

Go, where few are able.

When people hurt people, bombs fall from the sky and the earth shakes, we look for the hurting children and their families, and bring them supplies for survival to strengthen them today.

When there is a degree of peace, and sometimes before, we look for ways to make sustainable impact. Things like: helping children heal from trauma, training healthcare workers, rebuilding schools and clinics; bringing them hope for tomorrow.

If that’s the kind of person you are, go with us - to reach them in 2024.

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Abod Mohammad's Story

Dohas Ali Abdulabas's Story

Saw Wah's Story

“Many of the children had never heard music until they came to the child friendly space.”

Our community of supporters go to the ones who make it in the news and the ones who never do. Like Farah* in Northeast Syria. They go where few have access; opening the only 24/7 clinic where she lives, along with a child friendly space where she can be introduced to music, play, and safety - that she might otherwise never have known.

Because when you’re little and sick, or injured, and living in a dark place; you can imagine the impact when someone is there to help you.

Or never having heard music or seen bright color and then being given access to a beautiful space, run by people you feel you can trust. That opens the door for healing.

Ready to build hope for tomorrow?

Here’s what your donation can do.

When you give, you are investing into hope and care for children and their families affected by conflict and oppression around the world. Your gift will be directed to our general fund to meet the most critical needs of these communities in 2024 and beyond. And thanks to a generous friend of Partners, every gift made will be matched up to $50,000, doubling the impact of your act of love.

$50 Safe Space Builds hope in the form of access for 20 kids to a child friendly space in Syria. Donate Now
$170 Medical Care Builds hope in the form of medical care for 100 people in remote areas of Myanmar. Donate Now
$360 Safe Home Builds hope in the form of a safe home for 4 kids in Myanmar to go to school. Donate Now

*These figures are representative of the effect of your donation. In the event that a project is fully funded, your donation will be directed to another equally worthwhile project.