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Join Partners

Join our community of monthly supporters who are helping to end the suffering of children affected by conflict and oppression.

We have an ambitious goal.

Free, full lives for children affected by conflict and oppression.

Partners is our monthly giving community whose members believe this is possible and are committed to being the wellspring of our work, giving month after month to wherever their money is needed most to see this goal reached.

How It Works

You give monthly.

Your support fuels sustainably-focused projects that meet children's basic needs, prevent them from being exploited, and care for them in crisis situations. Every month. Month after month.

We report back.

You just became a Partner because empathy is your superpower. Thank you! You'll receive our weekly newsletter with stories of your impact, as well as a 40% discount when you order merchandise from our store.

So how will we reach our goal?

With two big ideas and lots of creativity.

Emergency Relief

Through the provision of food, shelter, medical care and basic survival necessities during crisis events.

Sustainable Development

That transforms community wellbeing, improves health and education, and provides a nurturing environment for children.

Learn More About Our Projects

We’re already seeing lives changed.

Nurankis, along with over a half a million others, will tell you.

Despite all the chaos and uncertainty that war brought in 2022, your love never wavered. Together with the tenacity of our local partners and plenty of creative thinking, 507,747 people were reached with practical help and a powerful reminder that they haven’t been forgotten.

More Impact Stories

Looking to make an impact?

Here’s what your donation can do.

Provide a migrant with education and personal development skills through SEED training center.

$10 / month

Keep a child safe, healthy and in school by providing care for them in a community based home.

$15 / month

Deliver a pack with a month’s worth of food to a family that’s been affected by war in the Middle East.

$50 / month

Sponsor a farmer to participate in an intensive training on sustainable agriculture.

$75 / month

Train a health worker to provide care in rural areas of Myanmar with limited access to health services.

$100 / month

Fully fund a clinic in Myanmar for a month, including medicine, staff salaries and training.

$450 / month

*These figures are representative of the effect of your donation. In the event that a project is fully funded, your donation will be directed to another equally worthwhile project.

Join Us.

And help fuel our vision to see children affected by conflict and oppression expereince free, full lives.