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Middle East

Children shouldn't suffer because the adults are fighting.

As the situation across the region remains unstable, help us scale up our response to meet the critical needs of children who have been deeply affected by conflict.

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The Numbers

Extended armed conflicts, economic collapse and a global pandemic have resulted in a humanitarian crisis in the Middle East almost beyond comprehension that has affected multiple nations and resulted in the largest displacement of people since World War II.

13.3 million

Syrians have been displaced due to war.

6.5 million

People need humanitarian aid in Iraq.

16.2 million

Yemenis are facing acute food insecurity.

How you can help

Partners is on the ground responding to the immediate needs of civilians affected by conflict in the region. You can reach these people, delivering life-saving food and medical supplies, helping rebuild damaged infrastructure and providing trauma care to children deeply affected by the conflict.

Hot Meal

Greet a family who have left their homes and possessions due to violence with the comfort of a hot meal.

Feminine Hygiene Kit

Provide freedom and dignity to women and girls who are on the run from conflict with a reusable feminine hygiene kit.


Provide medicine and treatment to five sick or injured people who have been caught in the crossfire.

Mattress & Blanket

Provide a mattress and blanket so families who’ve left everything behind don’t have to sleep on cold concrete.

Food Parcel

Deliver a parcel of food items to a displaced family to help keep them nourished for a whole month.

Trauma Care

Give kids traumatized by war the tools and trauma therapy they need to begin the process of healing.

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Your Impact


That’s how many people affected by conflict and oppression your love directly helped across the Middle East last year.
meal icon
12,642 Helped

Food Packs

Because kids shouldn’t go to sleep hungry, you provided families in Yemen with food.

meal icon
1 Rebuilt

School Rebuild

What war destroyed, you helped rebuild and now 1,200 students are back in class.

meal icon
8,484 Treated


You brought healthcare to communities displaced by war amidst a pandemic.

meal icon
23 People Employed

Vegetable Farm

As COVID-19 drove unemployment up, this farm brought much needed jobs and food.

meal icon
1,150 Provided

Bags & Uniforms

Children in Yemen need to go to school, so you supplied their backpacks and uniform.

meal icon
2,700 Delivered

Kerosene Heaters

16,200 displaced Syrians living in tents were kept warm during the cold winter.

meal icon
236 Distributed

Feminine Hygiene Kits

More women were empowered with these kits and the health training provided.

meal icon
3,555 Supplied


Winter came, so you ensured 9,480 people in Yemen were kept a little bit warmer.

Where You're Helping

Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

At the heart of our work has always been a desire to go to the hard to reach places where few organizations are working. While focusing on providing immediate help to children suffering as a result of war and oppression, our vision is also to invest long-term in developing solutions to support these communities. By starting development projects that strengthen families and rebuild infrastructure to meet children’s primary needs like healthcare and education, you invest in a future for these children where they have the opportunity to live free, full lives. It’s for this reason that, together with you, we go to these places to show God’s love.

We cannot do this without your help.

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