Bring hope to kids in the most violent place we’ve been. | Partners Relief & Development

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Bring hope to kids in the most desolate place we've been.

Endless tents and swirling dirt. Lacking basic services. Few schools. Little hope. Help us respond to hate with love in Syria’s most bleak refugee camps.

Q: How, in this place where people fear violence at every turn, do we put love into action? A: We go to the kids.

In Al-Hol there are lots of them. Affected by conflict. In every way. Because they deserve free, full lives, we are responding in two ways: supporting a pediatric clinic for sick kids and a child-friendly space where kids can get a break from the violent and bleak conditions in which they live.

How you can help

Pediatric Clinic

Provide a sick child with treatment by a health professional at the paediatric clinic in the camp.

Child-friendly Space

Enable a child to access a space where they can play, create art and heal from trauma.

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When they come to the center, they see things that they have never seen in their lives.

We provide excellent activities for children such as education, entertainment, awareness-building, and childcare.”

~ A teacher from the child-friendly space.

Join Us

Let's create a safe space for kids to heal and flourish.

And ensure even children in one of the darkest places in the world have the best chance of a free, full life.