Send help to families affected by Cyclone Mocha. | Partners Relief & Development

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It's the strongest cyclone to strike Myanmar since Nargis in 2008.

Thousands of vulnerable and displaced people were directly in the storm's path.

This includes many of the Rohingya communities we have supported for over a decade, with those living close to the coast severely impacted by the significant storm surge.

We are scaling up our response through our local relief network to provide critical supplies like rice and tarps to affected communities.

This is our lane: providing rapid emergency relief for communities that are already experiencing the hardships of conflict. Please go with us by making a donation that will fuel our relief response on the ground to support families affected by the storm.

Ready to make an impact?

Here’s what your donation can do.

$25 provides a tarp to help shelter families whose homes have been destroyed.

$35 delivers a month’s supply of rice to a Rohingya family who are facing food shortages.

*These are representative of the type of relief we are delivering, which may vary due to the specific needs of a particular community we're responding in.

Please join us.

Thousands of families have been affected by this crsisis.

Let's respond with the same love in action that we would want if it was our children who were experiencing an unimaginable natural disaster. Thank you for standing with them.