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Tragically, 2021 saw many of the advances made in Myanmar over the past 6 years ripped apart due to a military coup and a raging pandemic. Ongoing persecution of the Rohingya and increasing human rights violations in ethnic states led to the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people. As a result, the food, access to health care, education, and training you helped provide became a lifeline for many.


...kilograms of rice were provided to communities struggling with food shortages.

Rice distribution at a Rohingya community near Sittwe, Myanmar

“The COVID-19 situation was serious in the IDP camp. We did not have the money to buy nutritious food. We were very grateful that we received kind support. It is unforgettable.”~ Labang Lu San (35), Kachin State

Displaced children who received food support in Karen State, Myanmar


...people received some form of health care assistance or training.

Health workers treat a child at a clinic in Karen State, Myanmar

“The staff at the clinic near my house usually come to help us when we are ill. If they could not help me, I would need to travel further to get medicine, which would be difficult because of the fighting.”~ Saw Lah Min (10), Karen State

A medic in action at a clinic in Shan State, Myanmar


...children have benefited from a range of education initiatives.

Rohingya students at a newly completed school build near Sittwe, Myanmar

“Our children have received many things from this project, and we as parents are so glad that Partners supports our children.”~ Naw Pu Lah Gay (23), Karen State

Students displaced by fighting study in the jungle in Karen State, Myanmar

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