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From reconstructing schools destroyed by war, to opening a pediatric clinic in one of the world’s most dangerous refugee camps, your support helped restore critical health and education services for Syrians displaced by conflict. But you didn’t stop there, providing food, heating and other relief supplies to families who continue to suffer after a decade of civil war.


...displaced people were provided with access to water thanks to the installation of over 500 water tanks.

Water tanks are delivered to the camp near Al Hasakah, Syria

“We have undrinkable water and we don’t have enough for washing. The idea of the water tank distribution is great. This is an excellent idea to have drinkable water separated from the everyday use water.”~ A resident of Serikane Camp, Syria

Construction of the main water tower almost complete near Al Hasakah, Syria


...people received medical assistance at a Partners-supported pediatric clinic in the notorious Al-Hol camp.

Children waiting outside the clinic in Al-Hol camp, Syria

“This clinic is very good... they provide safe natural births, cesareans and other operations as well. If the clinic does not have the right medicine for us the doctors will transfer the patient to another clinic where we can receive treatment.”~ Hanifa, Syria

A child receives treatment at the clinic in Al-Hol camp, Syria


...students are back in newly renovated schools that had been damaged in the war.

A local contractor paints the refurbished school near Raqqa, Syria

““[The school] was destroyed. It didn't have stairs, windows and doors. Now it's good, we thank the organization [Partners] for renovating it new.”~ Rana, Syria

Students return to school after the opening ceremony near Raqqa, Syria

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