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You worked in migrant communities and amongst refugee populations to provide greater access to education, vocational training, health care and food support as more people were affected by an economic downturn and increased conflict in bordering Myanmar. You also helped train and employ migrant sewers to make thousands of feminine hygiene kits and masks our team distributed across Southeast Asia.


...migrants received food, health and financial assistance.

Delivering Christmas gifts to migrant children near Chiang Mai, Thailand.

“ parents had many debts and ran away because they did not have money to pay them back. Now I am under Partner’s care. I am happy here and I do not have to worry about food.”~ Moo K’thay Wah (9), Thailand

Distributing vitamins to migrant children near Mae Sot, Thailand.


...masks for COVID-19 prevention were produced by women trained and employed through our sewing project.

One of our sewers producing reusable feminine hygiene kits in Mae Sot, Thailand

“Daa and Tree from the Partners have been training me. I can make clothes, skirts, long sarongs, hats, and different bags. I am happy to learn how to sew. I always wanted to learn, but I did not have a chance until now. I can also do basic sewing training for whoever wants to learn.”~ Wan (38), Thailand.

Masks produced by our sewers are delivered to students near Mae Sot, Thailand


...refugees and migrants benefited from education initiatives.

Students at a community-based home in Mae La Refugee Camp, Thailand

“I felt very happy when my teacher told me that he would contact the K-GED program to see if I could study there. I believe this program will change my future, help me reach my goals, and fulfill my dreams to serve my people in the future.”~ Naw Thaw Thaw Kyi (22), Thailand

Students studying for the GED exam near Mae Sot, Thailand

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