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You worked in migrant communities and amongst refugee populations to provide greater access to education, health care and food support, during the pandemic. In a stroke of ingenuity, you also helped train and employ migrant sewers to make thousands of the very masks our team distributed to protect vulnerable communities from the virus.


...migrants received food, health and financial assistance.

Nong Phueng receives a food pack for her family near Chiang Mai, Thailand.

“I am very appreciative and thankful for the rice, cooking oil, and medicine given to us in this hard time.”~ Tin Zar Win, 13

Ma Zar Chi Phyo’s family received food and hygiene supplies.


...people received some form of COVID-19 assistance such as food, soap, sanitizer and masks.

Holding a hygiene training near Mae Sot, Thailand

“During this hard time, Partners helped us with dry food, medicine, hygiene items and masks for my family. It really helps our family to live better.”~ Ma Aye.

Shan students receive masks sewn by our team in Northern Thailand


...refugees and migrants benefited from education initiatives.

Students at a community-based home in Mae La Refugee Camp, Thailand

“There are a lot of Shan people and migrants here in Chiang Mai who would benefit from learning English at SEED. It helps us to improve our English and get better opportunities in work and life.”~ Somchai, 21

Migrant students studying at SEED in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Educator. Champion Of Hope.

Naw Tumular Paw grew up in community-based home supported by Partners and became a teacher. But she didn’t stop dreaming and is now taking the next step to further her education.

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