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Described as the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, the impact of Yemen’s civil war is beyond comprehension, with 8 million children going hungry every day. In 2021, we were able to help facilitate funding to local partners which helped provide support to thousands of impacted children.


...backpacks, along with uniforms and shoes, were provided to children without the means to buy these necessary items for their schooling.

Students receiving their new backpacks near Sana’a, Yemen

School bags, uniforms and shoes ready to be distributed near Sana’a, Yemen


...people with little or nothing to eat were provided with food staples (rice, flour, wheat, sugar, salt, lentils etc).

A family receives a food pack at a distribution near Sana’a, Yemen

“I have so many people in dire need for help. We are the first organization that came to this area.”~ Fatik (local partner), Yemen

Food packs being collected near Sana’a, Yemen


...blankets were delivered to people in need of warmth ahead of winter.

Blankets being distributed by our local partners near Sana’a, Yemen

Blankets being delivered to a family near Sana’a, Yemen

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